Airth Castle // Anna & Iain

Airth Castle is a lovely venue local to us and we always enjoy our days shooting there. Anna and Iain were a fantastic couple to work with and had a great time with them and both their families.

The girls started with getting ready at Inglewood House and it was a great space for everyone.

It was a rainy autumn day but we dodged the showers and managed out for photos after the lovely ceremony. As usual, we started with family groups and the bridal party and then on to the couples shoot with Anna and Iain. It’s always great when a venue has great grounds to work with and the trees around Airth Castle do provide some shelter in less than desirable weather.

Here are some of our favourites from Anna and Iain’s day at Airth Castle.

Kinkell Byre // Alisa & Jon

When we first met Alisa and Jon we really wanted to work with them. We all got on so well and their plans sounded amazing. We were so chuffed when they got back to us to book.

They got married in St Andrews with their ceremony at the the Holy Trinity Church and then on to Kinkell Byre for their reception. It was our first time at both venues, and we absolutely loved them.

The day started with the girls getting ready at Morten of Pitmilly in a gorgeous cottage. There was lots of buzz as everyone was in the hair and make up chairs and we all had a great morning. Frenchie Esme stole the show with her perfect posing for pictures! She even managed to fit in a wee snooze.

The guys were along at the Bowhill B&B, and they looked amazing in their suits. It’s always a nice change from kilts to photograph the guys in a suit.

The camper van carrying everyone to the ceremony was probably the prettiest one we’ve seen!

After a gorgeous ceremony we headed over to Kinkell Byre but unfortunately it was raining heavily so we did formal groups indoors and then waited it out until we could nip outside for 10 minutes to get some bridal portraits with Alisa and Jon. Despite the little time we had we captures some gorgeous images.

The speeches went great and then Alisa and Jon performed the most epic first dance as you can see!

Glenskirlie House // Jennifer & Craig

Spring time weddings are so lovely. The weather is picking up but it’s not too hot, the colours are looking fresh and everyone is in a good mood.

Jennifer and Craig got married at Glenskirlie House on 31 March and it was a stunning day. They are a gorgeous, chilled out couple who we got along so well with and this reflects in the images. We had such a brilliant time with them and their families.

As usual we arrived in the morning to lots of buzz as the girls were getting ready. Sophie Crompton was doing her usual amazing job on the girls make up and they all looked beautiful.

After a registrar ceremony we photographed the official family photographs and then went on to take some relaxed portraits of our bride and groom around the grounds of the castle.

Here are some of our favourites.

The Barn at Dalduff Farm // Sarah & Michael

Sarah and Michael are two of the loveliest people we’ve ever met, and so we were especially looking forward to their wedding at The Barn at Dalduff Farm. It was our first time at this venue, which we love because it means we get fresh eyes on a setting. And now we would absolutely love to shoot here again because it is just a stunning place.

Sarah was getting ready in the big house and it was perfect with plenty of room for everyone and lots of beautiful light. Bridesmaids were on hand to help with everything and Mum and Gran were there taking it all in too. There’s always such a buzz and excitement in the morning but Sarah was very calm and collected, and we had a lovely morning getting ready.

Their humanist ceremony was conducted by Gerrie Douglas-Scott and as usual was filled with laughs and stories about why Michael and Sarah are so perfect together.

The attention to detail that Sarah put into her wedding was second to none and we loved all the handmade items and styling that she put together. It looks stunning in the images and her hard work certainly paid off.

Here are a few of our favourites from their day.

A Glencoe Engagement // Paulina & Ewan

Back in the summer we drove to Glencoe to meet up with Paulina and Ewan to shoot their engagement session. It was a gorgeous day and we just love the colours and feel of these images. Paulina and Ewan are now married and we’ll be sharing their wedding images soon too!

For now, bask in the gorgeousness that is Scotland at it’s best.

South Queensferry engagement session // Lisa & Graham

Lisa and Graham are getting married in a couple of weeks and wanted an engagement session to have a bit of practice before the day.  They decided on South Queensferry as their location as it's one of the places they like to go to have some time together away from it all.  It's the perfect wee village for photos as there's so many spots that photograph well.  They specifically asked for shots on the beach with the bridges and they'd also seen some photos we've previously done in a close by rapeseed field.  Unfortunately rapeseed fields are ploughed at this time of year but we did find a wheat field which came out beautifully too! 

Here are some of our favourites from the shoot and we can't wait to photograph their big day!

Kayleigh & Richard // Ghillie Dhu, Edinburgh

When we think back to Kayleigh and Richard's wedding at Ghillie Dhu earlier this summer what springs to mind is LAUGHTER.  These two smiled, giggled and heartily laughed all day long.  They are so well suited with the exact same sense of humour.

Preparations started off at their flat with Kayleigh, her bridesmaids and mum.  We loved their styling and everyone looked amazing in their floral dresses and pin up hair and make up.   The blue Lincoln that took Kayleigh and her mum to the ceremony was just stunning and I was very lucky to ride in it with them which allowed some extra images of this special time alone.

Richard was at his parents house getting ready and also had a very cool mode of transport in the big red bus.

Their ceremony was quick and fun and before they knew it they were married and running through a confetti tunnel. Afterwards we wandered around Princes Street Gardens for some lovely bridal portraits and then returned to allow them time with their guests before dinner.  

Their cake was just amazing and incorporated everything these self confessed geeks love.  It was a real work of art.

After their first dance we left them to boogie the night away with lots of dress swishing and twirling.  It was an amazing day.

Rebecca & Jason // The Corinthian, Glasgow

We were back at The Corinthian recently for Rebecca & Jason's big day and we had an amazing time with them!  They found us online and got in touch with us, quickly placed down their reservation fee to secure the date and then we arranged to meet up.  As soon as we all got together we knew we were going to get on like a house on fire.

Their day was glamorous and beautiful but very relaxed which is just what we love.  Both families were lovely and accommodating in the morning, and then we came together for the stunning ceremony.  Afterwards we worked through the family photos before heading off round the city streets close by for the couples shoot.  There were a couple of specific things we all wanted to get from the shoot and thankfully everything worked in our favour and we're in love with the set of images from the day.

Here is a sneak peek into this beautiful wedding.



Lucy & Matthew // Carlowrie Castle

It was a gorgeous, warm, sunny day and Lucy and Matthew were getting married at the beautiful Carlowrie Castle in Edinburgh.  This venue has it all.  Lots of space to get ready, a glass ceremony room which lets in lots of natural light, stunning grounds and a really glam feel.

Lucy and Matthew are just gorgeous and we had such a great time photographing them.  

Things kicked off around midday when everyone arrived to get ready for the big day.  The girls were downstairs in a gorgeous suite and the guys had one of the rooms upstairs.  The ceremony was conducted by Graeme McKay and as usual he was wonderful to work with.  It did rain for a bit after the ceremony so we hung off on photos and just gave Lucy and Matthew time with their guests while we waited for it to clear.  Thankfully it did and we managed to get outside for their family group shots and then around the gardens for their couples shoot.  We had loads of fun with these two and it really shows in their images.

Here are some of our favourites from their day! 

Lauren & Grey // The Waterside Hotel

This wedding day was perfection.  A beautiful venue, the best weather, an outdoor ceremony, a gorgeous lovely couple, and working with other amazing suppliers.

It was our first time at The Waterside Hotel in North Ayrshire and we would love to go back.  We felt like we were on holiday! 

Lauren was such a chilled out bride and it was an absolute pleasure to be there in the morning watching all the girls get ready with Laura Gray Hair Beauty Bridal.  Everyone looked absolutely stunning, especially the bride herself.

We really love an outdoor ceremony.  It's so romantic and it allows us to move around freely without disturbing anyone.  It was such a warm day and looking out onto the beach was just the perfect setting.  The Americans must have brought the sunshine with them that day :) 

We moved through the group shots quickly and then went down to the beach with Lauren and Grey.  We had a quick 20 minute session with them because we knew we'd do the majority of the portraits after dinner when the light was a bit softer so that allowed them loads of time to mingle with their guests and catch up with family.  We really think that's the way a wedding should be - the photos are important but so is actually spending time with your guests and it allows us to get lots of candids which are the ones we all love.

After dinner we went back down to the beach and got some of our favourite photos from the day.  Flung Aboot were the evening entertainment (our absolute faves!!) and they had organised a confetti canon to go off which was amazing and took Lauren and Grey completely by surprise! 

Here is their day in pictures.

Karen & David // Spring wedding at Airth Castle

The first weekend of April saw a lovely spring day for Karen and David's wedding.  Karen put so much effort into all the details and it really made an impact as soon as you walked into the venue.  The spring florals, hand painted table cards, all the little decor items which came together beautifully and just the good feeling everyone had made the day really special.  It was lovely to work with Mary Wallace again who conducted a lovely Humanist ceremony, and we also saw past bride and groom Dawn and Paul who got married a couple of years ago at The Parsonage also with Mary Wallace.  

We had a lovely day with Karen and David and their families and here's a snapshot of our favourite images.

Roadtrip with the Godding Family - Dryburgh Abbey, Scottish Borders

We love the Godding family.  For the past 5 years we've shot an annual family session for them, and it's been so lovely to get to know them all and see the girls, Orla and Thea, change as they grow.  This year they have shot up! They're so tall! We try to do something different each time, and since last year was an epic shoot up on Dumyat which you can see here, Nichole and Mark wanted to do something extra special this year.  They asked us if we would be up for travelling down to the Scottish Borders to their wedding venue.  They wanted to show Orla and Thea where they'd gotten married, show them where Nichole grew up, and take some family photos around the area.  Of course we said yes, we are always keen to see new places and love coming away with different images.  It's really easy to fall into the trap of going to the same parks and local beauty spots and eventually that just gets boring, and there's no variety in your work.  

So, on the day of the Royal wedding, we met up in Falkirk after the girls dance classes and set off down to Dryburgh Abbey.  We passed through a couple of really pretty little villages and Nichole pointed out her old house, school and hang out spots.  We first stopped off at a viewpoint for the Eildon Hills, which is a really stunning landscape, and then moved on to the Abbey.  We took a walk around to pick out some spots we liked and then started photographing Nichole, Mark, Orla and Thea just hanging out together and we really love the wee moments we captured.  These are things that just can't be posed and set up.  Yes, we asked them to sit on the grass, but they started making daisy chains together and all the interactions you see in the images are completely natural.  No looking at the camera with cheesy grins! 

Because it was a day trip we had our three children and two Dachshunds with us, and Flo even managed to make it in to a portrait with each of the girls.  By the end of our walk Orla and Thea were in charge of their leads and asking all sorts of questions about them.  They even asked the dreaded "Which one is your favourite?".  Well, we love them both for different reasons :) 

We love the results of this shoot, and the images here are just a snapshot of what we captured.  When we do lifestyle sessions like this an album really is the best way to display them, to really show off the flow of the story and all the little moments, but there will always be that one favourite image to put up on your wall.  

Anniversary session // Devilla Woods & Culross // Ewan & Claire

This was a really lovely shoot for us to do because we have become really good friends with Ewan and Claire over the past (almost) year.  

We first came to know of Ewan through an online photographers forum, and when we discovered that we were from the same area and he was opening up a pet photography studio we arranged to meet up.  We all get on great and regularly get together for coffee, a blether and the odd photo session too.  Ewan has done lots of photos for us of our border collie, who sadly passed away a couple of weeks ago, and our two dachshunds.  Flo has become a bit of a muse for him even though she's not the most well behaved.  She definitely has her diva moments! She'll teach her little sister Winnie the modelling ropes though.  Have a look at Ewan's website Mutley's Snaps for some serious oohing and aaahing over gorgeous animals.

Claire is an amazing web designer and she has given us lots of good advice on the minefield that is social media, website and brand building.  She is super busy so if you need help with anything get in touch asap.  Her beautiful website is Wildflowers and Pixels.

Claire and Ewan eloped with their two boxers a year ago, and they had some amazing wedding photos done by The Curries.  They wanted to mark their first anniversary with another photo session and they chose Devilla Woods and Culross as two locations they'd like to use.  We chose to do the photos in the evening in the hope of getting some lovely golden light.  It was a pleasant day and still fairly mild in the evening so we all really enjoyed the walk.

We'd never been to either location before so it was really nice to shoot in some new places.  Culross, made famous as an Outlander shooting location, is just so pretty!! We love the pops of colour, and quaint alleyways.  We really enjoyed shooting there. 

Here are some of our favourite images.