The Parsonage // Dawn and Paul

22nd July was the day Dawn and Paul became Mr and Mrs at the Parsonage in Airth.  It was a really great day to be part of, helped along by how happy and lovely Dawn and Paul are to work with.  Dawn has such a chirpy personality and Paul is so easygoing that you instantly feel happy in their company.

All the girls preparations were done at the Parsonage, making things super easy and convenient.  It always makes things so much more relaxed when everything is happening in the one place and there's not the stress of getting from one venue to another.  The boys were just along the road at Airth castle to get dressed and then they made their way to the Parsonage to finish off and hang out for a little while before the ceremony.

We were pleased to hear Mary Wallace was conducting the ceremony, as she's one of our favourite humanists and she also has such a great personality! She's always so complimentary and you can tell she really loves the couples she works with.

Once they were pronounced husband and wife we all headed outdoors to do group photos and then bridal portraits.  The venue is great for this as there's so much space to get a bit of privacy for the photos, and equally to capture some great candids of guests mingling.

We loved the details on the dinner tables and the speeches went great.  Lots of funny anecdotes about Paul from his best man ensuring plenty of laughter from everyone.

Here are some of our favourite images from their day.