The Godding Family // Outdoor family session

This was our third shoot with Nichole, Mark, Orla and Thea but it was the first time we ventured outside with them.  Being an outdoor shoot in February we knew it was going to be darker and a bit windswept but we weren't prepared for having to contend with the bitterly cold wind and sideways snow blizzards!! A lot of people would have called the shoot off but we were all up for it and just had lots of fun along the way.

We parked the cars and started our hike.  The main aim of this shoot was to capture real emotion and natural interactions with them as a family.  We really didn't want to set anything up and we feel we achieved exactly that.  You can really see how much fun Orla and Thea had despite the weather conditions and we love the candid nature of all the images.

Thea had a permanent smile on her face and we learned that Orla loves the word "absolutely" just now, she's in primary 2 so she's learning lots of things and has a really inquisitive mind.

Nichole and Mark will have been together for 20 years next year so we really wanted to get some images of just them together and they did great with minimal direction from us.