A few months ago we got a phone call from Heather explaining that she was getting married and looking to have some photographs taken.  It was a little bit different though because all the guests were being invited to her and Michael's joint 30th birthday party with no idea they were actually going to be attending their wedding!!  We were so excited to be a part of this and the night was fantastic.  We walked in with Melanie who was conducting their humanist ceremony, as if we had every right to be there and as if we actually knew the couple, we waited for the nod from Heather's sister to say they were ready and then we went out to get our equipment and get into place.  Melanie took the microphone and made the announcement to the party that although everyone was celebrating Michael and Heather's birthdays we were also there to see them get married. To say everyone was shocked is an understatement! The roof was raised with cheers and clapping and the mood completely changed from party to PARTY!! . Congratulations Heather and Michael, thank you for having us involved in your surprise and we hope you love the images.

Here are some to summarise the night.