Siân and Family // Adult Cake Smash!!

We can without a doubt say this was the most fun session we have ever photographed!  When Siân got in touch with us through Facebook, she said she had an idea for a photoshoot she would like to do for her 30th birthday and could we help?  Hell yes!

The day started off with Siân in Lynsey's make up chair at Viva Beauty in Brightons.  It really does make a difference getting your makeup professionally done for a photoshoot and Siân looked absolutely gorgeous. 

We met up in the car park at Cockleroy and instantly we all clicked and knew the shoot was going to go really well.  Wee April wasn't even unclipped from her car seat and she was chatting away!  We loved the two girls, they're so cute.

We started the session with some family photos.  As usual we set off on a wee walk and photographed Siân, Charlie and the girls having a lovely time being together.  They were great in front of the camera and so natural which was great for us, we hardly had to give them any pointers at all.  We were mega impressed at Siân walking up the hill in those heels!

Once we were happy we had some nice family images for them we moved to a quiet spot and set up for the main purpose of the shoot.......cake smash! We've never done a cake smash before so we were all kind of winging it but Siân had put lots of effort in with her outfit, balloons, baking a cake and chalk board that it all fell into place itself.  It was SO MUCH FUN!! Here are some of our favourites from the session.