Roadtrip with the Godding Family - Dryburgh Abbey, Scottish Borders

We love the Godding family.  For the past 5 years we've shot an annual family session for them, and it's been so lovely to get to know them all and see the girls, Orla and Thea, change as they grow.  This year they have shot up! They're so tall! We try to do something different each time, and since last year was an epic shoot up on Dumyat which you can see here, Nichole and Mark wanted to do something extra special this year.  They asked us if we would be up for travelling down to the Scottish Borders to their wedding venue.  They wanted to show Orla and Thea where they'd gotten married, show them where Nichole grew up, and take some family photos around the area.  Of course we said yes, we are always keen to see new places and love coming away with different images.  It's really easy to fall into the trap of going to the same parks and local beauty spots and eventually that just gets boring, and there's no variety in your work.  

So, on the day of the Royal wedding, we met up in Falkirk after the girls dance classes and set off down to Dryburgh Abbey.  We passed through a couple of really pretty little villages and Nichole pointed out her old house, school and hang out spots.  We first stopped off at a viewpoint for the Eildon Hills, which is a really stunning landscape, and then moved on to the Abbey.  We took a walk around to pick out some spots we liked and then started photographing Nichole, Mark, Orla and Thea just hanging out together and we really love the wee moments we captured.  These are things that just can't be posed and set up.  Yes, we asked them to sit on the grass, but they started making daisy chains together and all the interactions you see in the images are completely natural.  No looking at the camera with cheesy grins! 

Because it was a day trip we had our three children and two Dachshunds with us, and Flo even managed to make it in to a portrait with each of the girls.  By the end of our walk Orla and Thea were in charge of their leads and asking all sorts of questions about them.  They even asked the dreaded "Which one is your favourite?".  Well, we love them both for different reasons :) 

We love the results of this shoot, and the images here are just a snapshot of what we captured.  When we do lifestyle sessions like this an album really is the best way to display them, to really show off the flow of the story and all the little moments, but there will always be that one favourite image to put up on your wall.