Portraits in a Rapeseed field // Karys

Every year we see these beautiful yellow fields and say we'd love to do a photoshoot with that amazing colour as a backdrop.  For whatever reason, we've never gotten around to it, until now.  We had a rare Saturday off today and after a family day out we decided to head out in the car and find one of these fields. Luckily we got to one that had really easy access and we spend 20 minutes or so with our daughter trying out different things.  We've been so busy with weddings lately that it was nice to get creative with something different again.  When we finished we said that if we had 5 good ones we'd be happy, we do believe in quality over quantity.  But getting home and editing them we just couldn't whittle it down to any less than we have here.  They are of our daughter, and we may be biased but we absolutely love these images and hope you do too.