Mutley's Snaps - Finlay and Flo's photoshoot.

If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram you'll know that we recently got our little Dachshund puppy Flo.  She was 18 weeks this Friday and she's a little bundle of naughty!! She does give awesome cuddles though so she gets away with it.

Although we are photographers, we're people photographers and animals are a whole other ball game.  Our friend Ewan owns Mutley's Snaps Pet Photography in Falkirk and we couldn't wait to get into his studio with our little fur babies and have their photos done.  Ewan's work is absolutely stunning!  We all thought a trade of services would work out really well for us, we'd get gorgeous portraits and Ewan would get some behind the scenes images of him at work.

What we really wanted from the session was a photo of Finlay and Flo together.  We thought this was going to be mission impossible and told Ewan this but he didn't seem fazed by the task at all!  We came away thinking we knew we had lots of gorgeous photos of them individually and if there was one of them together it would just be a bonus.  Well, that night Ewan sent us the cutest, most gorgeous image of Finlay and Flo sitting together on one of his chair props.  We were totally over the moon! It now has pride of place in our living room.  Yip, we don't let our photos rot on a USB - photos are made for printing and enjoying every day :) 

To start with Ewan let the dogs get used to him - hot dog treats works wonders.  Then he started with Flo up on his stage with the pretty pink backdrop for some individual portraits.   There was lots to keep the dogs attention - peanut butter, bubbles, toys, silly noises.  We have tried and failed on a few occasions to get Finlay our 9 year old border collie onto our own studio for a picture but he just hated it.  Ewan worked his magic and we've got such great images of him that we never imagined we'd be able to get.

If you're looking for pet portraits, Ewan is definitely the guy to go to.  He works so hard to make sure he gets the shots, and because his studio is in Falkirk he's perfectly placed for anyone in the Central Scotland belt, but we'd say he is worth the drive for anyone further afield too.