Lodge on Loch Lomond : Vicky and Shawn

Well, where do we even start with this beautiful, amazing wedding?  From the very first time we met with Vicky we clicked and got on so well.  She was just our type of person - welcoming, warm, upfront and all about family.  Vicky and Shawn have three children, just like us, and it was clear they were going to play a big part in the day.  We didn't meet Shawn until we shot their family pre-wedding session a few weeks before the wedding, but likewise, we instantly liked him.

Vicky and Shawn were married at Lodge on Loch Lomond on 30 May 2015.  Having never been to the venue before we were excited to see what we would capture.  The location is just stunning! The days before the wedding were overcast and rainy but something was on their side on that Saturday because it was glorious warm sunshine all day and it allowed them the outdoor ceremony they very much wanted.

Arriving at Vicky's room in the morning things were already well under way with hair and make up.  The flowers had already arrived and everything was running to plan.  We set about capturing the detail shots which are so important for preserving all the hard work and planning that goes into the day.  As usual, there was lots of chatter and activity and as I caught snippets of the conversation I began to eagerly await the arrival of Nadia.  Nadia was mentioned so much and there was so much talk of how beautiful she was and that she was going to look amazing.  I thought to myself wow I can't wait to see this Nadia.  She arrived.......in a dress bag......yes, Nadia was the wedding dress who seemed to take on a personality of her own, and is even addressed in third person! But, the ladies were right -she really was beautiful.  As the morning progressed, it was clear Vicky was feeling emotional but she really could not wait to get married!  "I can't believe I'm marrying Shawn", "He's so handsome",  "He's the man of my dreams".  Every bride on the morning of their wedding exudes a happiness and eagerness to see the man they are marrying, but there was something extra special about Vicky that morning.  It has never hit me so hard as seeing the way she loves Shawn.  Taking her bridal portrait before leaving for the ceremony, Vicky was tearful and the five minutes quiet away from everyone for her portraits I think made it sink in that she was getting married in 10 minutes.  I actually put my camera down and said to her "You really love him don't you?", "Yes" she said "I really, really do".  

The ceremony was outdoors against the stunning backdrop of Loch Lomond.  You couldn't ask for a more beautiful setting.  It was perfectly delivered and carried enough laughs and emotion to make it memorable.  The extra special part about the ceremony was the handfasting cloth which Vicky had spent months embroidering with their names and special dates.  

The tears dried up and the rest of the day was filled with smiles and laughter.  We took Vicky and Shawn for a beautiful bridal portrait session on the jetty, the beach and an ivy covered wall which we loved. 

We finished off our time with Mr and Mrs Doney photographing their speeches, and it was an amazing end to the day with the most emotional heart-felt father of the bride speech we have ever heard.  There was so much emotion in the room as those who were loved and lost were mentioned, and it seemed Vicky's dad couldn't carry on.  The support everyone gave was lovely and with a bit of cheering he made it to the end of his speech.

We dare you to look at these images and not feel warm and fuzzy inside.  Thank you Vicky and Shawn for choosing us to photograph this special day.  We loved every minute of it and feel honoured to have been a part of it.  Til your next family shoot - Stacey and Bryan x