Kirknewton House Stables wedding // Ingham & Kevin

We had a fantastic time at our first wedding at Kirknewton House Stables.  We'd visited the venue with Ingham and Kevin a few months before the day to have a look around and took some pre-wedding photos to get an idea of what we might do on the day.  So we did have a plan of sorts in our minds.  The only thing we can't plan for is the weather, and in typical Scottish style we didn't have a typical summer's day.  Despite being the end of July it was rainy and foggy. 

The day started with bridal preparations at nearby Norton House which was great as there was plenty space for everyone to get ready and it was only a 10 minute journey to the venue.  The guys got ready at Ingham and Kevin's house and headed to the venue in plenty time to greet the arriving guests.  It was a lovely humanist ceremony, and the fairy light backdrop is so beautiful in the images.  After the ceremony we decided to just keep an eye on the weather and nip in and out when we could.  There was a small break in the rain and we managed to get through the list of family photos the couple wanted but unfortunately it was shortlived and everyone moved back inside to mingle.  

Speeches took place before everyone ate and we heard some great stories about the couple and there was even a maths test in best man Lee's speech because it's not Kevin's strong point even though he works for a bank!  It was all very entertaining.

After dinner the weather was still looking a bit grim but we spoke with Ingham and Kevin and thankfully they trusted us and agreed that beautiful wedding images are more important than having a pristine dress hanging up in the wardrobe.  We absolutely love what we came away with and think the mist adds a lot of atmosphere to the pictures.  

We loved their Colin the Caterpillar wedding cake!

Here are some of our favourite images from the day.