Karys | Portrait Photoshoot

We woke up this morning to a lovely, bright and sunny day.  It's like spring is creeping in but there's still a chill in the air.

It's been a wee while since we did some portraits of Karys and as we want to keep her portfolio up to date we decided to go out before the meeting with a client we had scheduled at lunchtime.

There's a bit of woodland a short walk from where we live and so we headed up there just to "grab a few".  It's popular with dog walkers and we bumped into a group of runners too but luckily Karys isn't shy and carried on with her posing like a pro.

I love the outfit she chose for this shoot and only wish I could carry off her style!

We love these images, and even though she's ours and we might be *slightly* biased, we think she looks beautiful!

Stacey and Bryan