Forrester Park // Leanne and David

On 22 August, Leanne and David were married at the golf resort Forrester Park.  It was our first time at this venue and we loved it.  The inside is very grand, and the surrounding scenery is stunning.

Leanne got ready at her mum and dad's house while David was preparing for the big day at the venue.  Everyone was very relaxed.  There was no communication between our bride and groom on the morning but they did have fun mucking up each other's spotify playlists!  

It was a lovely day and we managed to get outside for some lovely bridal portraits and group photos.  David and Leanne had put out lawn games for their guests to enjoy and these provided lots of fun for everyone.  

A special mention  has to go to chief bridesmaid, Leanne's sister Michelle.  She was giving a speech but determined to do something different she wrote new lyrics and rapped to the theme tune of Fresh Prince of Belair! It was amazing! 

Here are some of our favourite photos from the day.

We had an amazing day with you both, and your friends and family were so welcoming.  We fell in love with Forrester Park as a wedding venue and would definitely look forward to another wedding there.

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Stacey and Bryan x