Fine Art Portraits // Falkirk Studio

Our first blog post of 2018!  We've got so much to look forward to this year.  We have lots of plans for the business and exciting new things we're bringing in.  The biggest changes are to our family shoots.  We've realised that by the time we photograph a wedding we have met the couple a good few times prior to the day, but most often than not when we're booked for a family shoot our first encounter with them is when we're all wandering around the agreed meeting point trying to figure out who's who!  So, now we are inviting everyone to come into the studio before the shoot day to chat, get to know one another, meet the kids, and plan the session.  That way by the time we get to photographing you we will already be at ease with one another, and hopefully the kids will remember us as those funny folks that are going to take their picture.  After the shoot, when your images are edited, we'll get you back into the studio to see your images and we'll be there to help you pick out favourites and show you the beautiful new products we have.  It's exciting and means we'll build much better relationships with you and you'll know we're there with you every step of the way offering our help.

Today was our first time back in the studio after a lovely Christmas and New Year with our family.  We asked Trini to come in for us to model for some portraits we wanted to try out.   We love natural light and the lovely soft glow it gives.  Today was pretty dark and rainy so we weren't sure how we were going to get on with no lights on in the room but we love the final result!  We told Trini we were just going to play around and take some pretty pictures.  We'd already chatted beforehand about clothes and make up and what our desired final look was so we were well prepared by the time it came to shooting the session.  And can we just say; how gorgeous is Trini?  I certainly didn't look like this at her age.  

Here are our favourites!