Family Trip to Italy

We really struggled to fit a family holiday in this year.  As our diary filled up we kept saying "we'll get something last minute" or " there will be a week somewhere we can take".  The more we did this the less time there seemed to be for us to take a holiday.  It's really difficult to turn someone away when they ask us about photographing their wedding, especially because we love our job so much.  With 12 weddings in July alone and a family member who was really ill so we were travelling a lot to visit,  we started to feel burned out and just really needed some time with the kids.

By some miracle a week appeared in October that we could book out and go somewhere.  I started to manically search for holidays and managed to book a villa in Italy just outside a small village called Vicopisano.  It was right in the middle of Pisa and Florence and it was just perfect for editing while the kids were in the pool.  We usually go all inclusive so this was our first villa self catering holiday and we really enjoyed it! It was nice having the freedom to do whatever we wanted.

If you are ever going to Italy stock up on mosquito spray!!

We've already booked out 10 days for our holiday next year, and no matter what we'll be taking it, you can't work to your best when you're tired.  Here are some of our favourite Italy holiday photos.