Family shoots - how they should be!

You know those family portrait sessions you go to where you all wear your best clothes, or maybe you all go for denim and white tshirts, and you pose against a white backdrop or you maybe go on location and all sit on a wall/log/stand in a line?  You desperately try to get the two year old to smile and look at the camera, and then when he/she does granny is blinking?  We all really love those experiences don't we?.............nah, us neither!! It's stressful for the family and stressful for the photographer.  

The best memories of family days out are from long walks, lots of happy smiles, the sun coming through the trees, the kids squealing in joy, the two year old falling into a mucky puddle and everyone laughing about it.  Capture that!! Those are the memories you want to come flooding back, not the stress of a staged family formal.

We love to get outdoors, and we love to photograph families being families.  As in, letting them just do what they do, we're not there to set anything up or have a list of shots to get through.  Please DO NOT send us your Pinterest board of photos you'd like to get during your session - what's the chances of your kids actually doing what you expect them to?  Slim to none!  Wouldn't you rather see a genuine image of them?  The time that they did really smile at their brother/sister saying something inappropriate, or mum running away from a buzzy bee?  

What does a family shoot with us entail?  Well, we go for a walk.  That's it! Yes, we'll try to get one of you all together smiling and having a good time, but if it's not one of you all looking and smiling at the camera, no biggie.  We really prefer genuine interactions and so our method is just to keep shooting while you play with the kids, walk hand in hand, do the things that make your family yours.  It doesn't stop there though.  Once you get your image files what are you going to do with them?  If you've got old CD's of photos you'll know they are now practically defunct! Hard drives can fail and then you've lost all your photos.  Please get them printed.  The best way to display this type of family shoot is to put them into an album - that way you can really tell the story through the images.  You really get that emotional connection through actually holding your photos in your hands and seeing them printed in high quality - you just don't get that from a computer screen.

Yesterday, we had the Wolfe family who were visiting from America for a family shoot and it was fantastic.  We clicked with them from the minute we stepped out of our cars; the kids Tessa and Gavin are super sweet, Kurt and Cassie are beautiful together, and it was just a big hit all round.  

Here are some of our favourites from our time with them.