Cockleroy, Falkirk Pre-wedding Photoshoot // Shelley & Gavin

It's not long until Shelley and Gavin's big day so we headed out to Cockleroy to do their pre-wedding photoshoot at the weekend.  It was a beautiful day and we had a really great time with them.  Cockleroy is absolutely stunning and it's quite diverse in the images we can get.  We started off with a walk from the car park through the woods to a lovely little secluded area where we shot a few images which were really aimed at just getting Shelley and Gavin used to the camera and the way we work.  Before the shoot we had messaged them to say that we had some smoke bombs left over from another shoot and did they fancy trying out some photos with them?  Shelley immediately said they were up for anything which is great for us!  So we played around with the smoke a bit before heading up the hill to get some lovely scenic images.  We love how we can get a wide view across the landscape but also still get images which feel nice and intimate.  Here are some of our faves.