Church of the Holy Rude & The Parsonage // Laura and Adam

Last month we photographed Laura and Adam's gorgeous day with their ceremony at the Church of the Holy Rude in Stirling just down from the castle and then on to their reception at the Parsonage.  Both venues are absolutely stunning and we were really looking forward to the day.

We started off our day with Laura at her mum's house with all her bridesmaids.  Everyone was really chilled and it was a great atmosphere.  

The guys were at Adam's parents house and Bryan went along to photograph their morning prep.  We always think it's lovely to see both sides of the getting ready story.

The ceremony at the church was lovely.  There were lots of tourists waiting eagerly outside the church for Laura's arrival as everyone loves a Scottish wedding!  We got speaking to a German couple who were hanging on as long as they possibly could to catch a glimpse of the beautiful bride before having to leave for their plane home! 

The Parsonage is one of our favourite venues because if it's a good weather day everyone can mingle outside on the terrace and we can snap away without them even realising we are there.  There were a few spots of rain on and off on Laura and Adam's day but it's good luck! 

Laura's dress was so beautiful and it had a detachable skirt which she took off at the Parsonage to reveal the slimmer figure hugging dress underneath.  It was really nice for her to have two looks on the day and the full skirt suited the church perfectly.  As they went upstairs to the bridal suite to take off the skirt we managed to catch Adam carrying Laura over the sweet!! 

We managed to capture lots of candid images and family photos between arriving at the Parsonage and being called through to dinner, but as a result we didn't have a chance to do any "formal" bridal portraits.  We did have to talk them into doing these after dinner but they both agreed it was worth it after we'd done them and we wouldn't feel like we'd done our job if we hadn't insisted on it! 

We can't let this blog post go by without mentioning the hilarious mistake that happened.  Somehow, Laura and Adam managed to forget 12 people off their table plan! Well done to the Parsonage for getting a table up and decorated quick smart and we couldn't resist catching an image of the guests on  "the forgotten table".  It just goes to show though, these things do happen and there's no point in stressing, everyone took it in their stride and now it's a funny story about the day :) 

Here are some of our favourite images from Laura and Adam's gorgeous day.