Christmas Portrait Photography Session

We love our weddings and family photo sessions, but sometimes an idea lodges itself and we can't wait to get out and do something creative.  Usually it's our daughter Karys who models for us on these shoots and she loves being able to update her Instagram with the images.

We've never had a bride wear a flower crown yet, and it's something we love so we decided to go ahead and create a look based around a flower crown ourselves.  We bought a festive looking floral arrangement and made this crown 10 minutes before leaving the house.  It's by no means perfect but it served the purpose.

When we arrived at our location everything was looking great.  We made our way to the spot we wanted to use and even attracted the attention of some onlookers.  Karys got changed and we put her into position, we shot a few frames and then all of a sudden huge hailstones powered down! They let up for a couple of minutes before starting again, so the shoot was called short but we are so happy with the images we managed to get in the time we had.  It's all about quality over quantity!

We trekked back to the car soaked but happy.