Orocco Pier Wedding // Nicola & Murray

Nicola and Murray had their big day at Orocco Pier last month and we had such a great time with them.  We'd already done a pre-wedding shoot with them using the areas of South Queensferry that they and us liked, so we had a good idea of what we were going for on the day.

We think it's great when the bride is getting ready at the venue and Murray arrived nice and early too so there was lots of time for morning pictures before the ceremony.   Quite often the morning pictures are some our favourites from the day as they show the excitement and buzz of what's ahead.

After a lovely ceremony we took the family photos out on the balcony looking over the bridges and then we took the bridal party across the road to the cobbled street and raised terrace.  It's so pretty at South Queensferry and there's lots of little spots to stop at for photos.  Then we took our couple down to the beach to replicate some of the images from the pre-wedding shoot.  That's why it's such a great thing to do because you really get a feel for how the wedding photos will look and if there's one you love we know what to concentrate on for the day itself.

The dinner tables looked absolutely stunning with a rose gold sequin theme, and it really made the room look different to how we've ever seen it before.

After a beautiful meal we took Nicola and Murray a 5 minute drive to some rapeseed fields that they really wanted to use and this allowed them some quiet time just the two of them and brought another dimension to their images with the pop of yellow in the flowers.  We absolutely love these ones and it's always nice to catch some more photos after dinner when the light changes.

Here are some of our favourites from the day! 

Glasgow University Chapel & One Devonshire Gardens // Stacey and Adrian

31 July was Stacey and Adrian's stunning wedding day and we have been dying to blog it.  Last night they collected their USB so we can finally show the images off now!  We loved everything about this day.  It was so stylish, but also relaxed and fun too.

Stacey was getting ready at One Devonshire Gardens with her bridesmaids and both mums while Adrian was nearby at their flat getting ready with the guys.  They even managed to sneak in a visit to Kelvingrove for some photos before heading onto Glasgow University Chapel for the ceremony.  Stacey looked absolutely stunning in her dress and together they make a striking couple.  Stacey had mentioned in the morning how she had wanted to get a black cab between the venues but Adrian wanted a wedding car, well lo and behold Stacey received a phone call on the morning to say that unfortunately their booked car had broken down and there was no replacement......she handled the situation very calmly and was rather pleased she ended up with her black cab anyway!! 

It was our first time at Glasgow University Chapel and although we were disappointed that we weren't allowed up at the top of the aisle with Stacey and Adrian it is such a beautiful place that the images are still lovely, we just made lots of use of our long zoom lens!

Afterwards family photos and some bridal portraits were done in the cloisters and then we headed onto One Devonshire Gardens.  We really loved the string lights in the garden area and made good use of them before going for a wee walk around the venue.  The speeches were fantastic and very funny!!  When we left after the first dance it looked like a good party was going to be had and everyone was gearing up for lots of dancing.

Here are some of our favourite images from this beautiful day.

Tullibole Castle // Karen and John

We loved this wedding.  The setting, the attention to detail, the lovely couple.....all made for a stunning day.

We had visited Tullibole Castle with Karen and John a few weeks before the wedding to have a look around and it got us really excited for the day.  It's a very unique venue and we would really love to go back.  Karen's main instruction to us for the day was to capture the atmosphere and she wanted lots of photos of her guests enjoying themselves.  We really love candid photography ourselves so that was no problem.

Our day started off with the girls getting ready and everyone was so excited and looking forward to the day ahead.  While the girls pampered the guys were finishing off the last few things at the castle and getting ready in the bridal cottage onsite.

The ceremony was held in the main room of the castle and then a drinks reception out on the lawn where Karen and John had organised gin, garden games and a fantastic jazz trio.  Everyone was having the best time............. and then the heavens decided to open and it poured down!  It was proper torrential rain!  We all had a laugh about it and moved indoors.  The mood was not dampened and as everyone mingled we caught lots of smiles, hugs and well wishes.  

In the marquee Karen had really outdone herself with all the gorgeous details on the tables and surrounding decor.  Everywhere you looked something caught your eye and it looked absolutely stunning.

Because of the rain we had to wait until after dinner to get some lovely images of Karen and John, and although she really isn't keen on the camera Karen did well (much better than the engagement shoot!).

It was really nice to see some familiar faces - we've photographed for bridesmaid Sarah before so it was lovely to catch up with her; she caught the bouquet come on Douglas we're all waiting!! ;) We also met one of our upcoming wedding couples too so it was lovely to put faces to names as we had only communicated through email so far.

Dancing at night was in the barn and again you could just tell everyone was having an absolute ball.  We've picked out just some of our favourite images to tell the story of their day and we can't wait to see Karen and John with their full gallery.  Thank you to you both for having us, we loved it!! 

Getting married on the family farm // Catherine and Scott

Earlier this year we photographed a wedding at the Vu and that's where Catherine first saw us.  At night time she took Bryan aside and explained that she was getting married the next secret and she'd love some photographs to remember the day.  We were right on it because we love intimate, family orientated, secret weddings!!  We exchanged some texts and then met up with a week to go til the big day and when Catherine and Scott told us what they had planned we were so excited!!  When they mentioned outdoor ceremony, stacked hay bales, and tractors with ribbons we just knew it was going to be an amazing day.

It was a pleasant spring day and everything went absolutely to plan, it couldn't have been more perfect.  Catherine was the chirpiest, happiest, smiliest bride ever.  Scott was so handsome in his suit and very chilled out.  

The whole family made us feel at ease and very welcome in their stunning house.  The garden is absolutely beautiful and as we heard there was a lot of effort put into it for the wedding day approaching.

After a lovely humanist service we just had fun with Catherine and Scott taking lovely bridal portraits around the farm for them, then on to their family photos and the few fun ones Catherine had specifically asked for.  

Catherine and Scott, thank you so much for including us in your day, it was a pleasure to be part of something so intimate.

Here are some our favourite images from the day.

Stacey and Bryan x 

A stylish Corinthian Glasgow wedding // Marie-Claire and Ross

We love all our weddings but this one is just WOW!  We absolutely loved all the details, the location and the couple.  Marie-Claire (MC) was bridesmaid at a previous wedding we photographed and it's a funny story because as the day went on and we got to know her and Ross and how full of laughs they are together we actually came away saying we wanted to photograph their wedding if they ever got married.  A year later we got a message asking if we were available because they'd gotten engaged!  We were over the moon.

They got married at the Corinthian in Glasgow on 14 May and it was such a fantastic day.  It was our first time at the venue and we would love to go back.  It's always nice to photograph a city wedding when we're more used to country houses with big gardens, and it made us try some different things.  As usual, we went our separate ways in the morning to photograph the bride and groom preparations. We feel it's important to tell the full story and capture both sides in the morning and it's always lovely to see the reactions when the bride and groom see the morning photos and what went on when they weren't there.  MC and Ross were getting ready next door to the Corinthian in the Mercure hotel so it was all nice and easy.  Sandie-B was making up all the girls in the morning and it was nice to finally work with her on a wedding, as she's also been a guest at a previous wedding we've photographed and we've been acquainted for over a year now just waiting til our work paths crossed! 

The ceremony was one of the happiest we've ever photographed.  It was laughs and smiles all round and it was so easy to see that that's just how this couple are; they are so happy in each other's company.  Little Mason, MC's 1 year old nephew, stole the show as he gave big claps when the husband and wife announcement was made, it melted everyone's heart and couldn't have been timed better!

We photographed the group and family shots at the entrance to the Corinthian, and MC had let us know of some cool shots she wanted us to try.  It was great fun!

Then onto the bridal portraits.  We walked around the centre of Glasgow, stopping when we saw good opportunity and it was a lot of fun.  The people of Glasgow are so friendly and it was amazing to hear the amount of compliments and admiring looks going their way.

Speeches included some laughs and lots of lovely sentiments, MC cried when Ross explained how perfect they are for each other and how much he's looking forward to their life together.  There was lots of appreciation for the life they have already built, owning their own business (MeTime in Laurieston) and their plans for the future.

After dinner the evening guests arrived and after photographing the first dance, seeing some really amazing dance moves and taking some more couples and group shots we left everyone to what was shaping up to be an amazing party!

Here are some of our favourite images from the day

Solsgirth House Wedding // Julie & Mark

Julie and Mark were married at Solsgirth House last month.  This was our second time at this venue in as many weeks but we definitely weren't complaining because it is absolutely stunning!  It's definitely become a favourite venue of ours.

The ceremony was held in the ballroom and it was a lovely bright day so it gave a gorgeous airy light to the room.  We really enjoyed shooting in the ballroom and it was a change from the chapel room.  Then it was on to the bridal session followed by formal family photographs.

It was an emotional day, particularly through the ceremony and speeches.  There was not a dry eye in the house as Mark spoke directly to his new stepdaughter about how proud of her he is and he knows all her dreams are going to come true.  Everybody buckled including us!  Big cameras are useful for hiding behind to shield the tears!

The evening reception was held in the marquee and it looked so pretty with fairy lights strung across the ceiling.

Mary Wallace conducted the ceremony again, and it was a pleasure as always to work with her.

Here are some of our favourite images from the day.

Julie and Mark, thank you so much for having us along on the day, we had an amazing time with you both and your families.

Stacey and Bryan

Hotel Colessio // Carolyn & Anthony

We met with Carolyn and Anthony last year when they visited us to chat about their day and book us for their photography.  Straight away we knew they were going to look amazing in their photos.  They compliment each other so well and it's clear how in love they are and they adore their little girls.

The day started off with preparations at the Hotel Colessio in Stirling for the girls while Anthony got himself ready at his parents house.  The ceremony was at St Alexander's Chapel in Denny and then back to Colessio for bridal portraits, groups and a lovely reception.

Carolyn and Anthony were really easy to work with and they thoroughly enjoyed their day.  Their daughters were with Anthony on the morning of the wedding and Carolyn's only request was that we capture their reactions to seeing her for the first time in her dress as she arrived at the church.  We hope we managed that for her and it was lovely to see in person as they called their mummy "a princess", we have to agree she certainly was that, absolutely stunning! As Carolyn stepped out of the car the girls rushed towards her and it was hugs and kisses and "I love you's" and tears (from me as I hid behind my camera!!).  

Once bridal portraits and groups were done we went inside to see the set up on the tables and it looked amazing with a Harry Potter theme!  This was a first for us, it was so quirky and unique and we loved it!

Carolyn and Anthony, thank you for having us photograph your special day, we've really enjoyed getting to know you.

Here are some of our favourite images from the day.

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Stacey and Bryan

Solsgirth House // Tami & Craig

This wedding was absolutely stunning!  There's so much to say, you'd be best to go and grab a cup of tea and settle down to read :)

On Saturday 12th March Tami & Craig were married at Solsgirth House and it was the most wonderful day.  We hadn't been to this venue before so we headed up a few days before the wedding to check it out and get a feel for what we'd do with it, we were instantly "wow-ed" with how gorgeous the house and it's surrounding land is.  It's an exclusive venue and you really do feel like you are in your own magical place once you arrive after a lovely drive through some gorgeous scenic country roads.  We had a bit of a carry on posing each other in front of the camera getting ideas for what we'd like to do with Tami and Craig, and we left feeling even more excited for the day.  We had met with Tami and Craig about a year ago, when we visited them in their flat in Stirling and we instantly liked them.  Hearing about their wedding plans and then showing them our portfolio had us all really inspired and excited for their day.  Spending some time with them, hearing about Craig's amazing proposal (think fairy lights and rose petals!) and just realising how well we all got on made us leave feeling we were definitely a good match and would all work well together.

Saturday came and we woke up to a dry but overcast day.  This is actually really good for shooting in, so we were pleased.  We walked into the house and found a very chilled out Tami, she was wandering around trying to find out what she could do to help set up .......erm Tami, you're the've paid people to do this for you!  So she showed us upstairs and introduced us to her lovely bridesmaids, her Mum and Craig's mum.  I got started on photographing all the details and morning preparations for the girls and Bryan headed to the boys.  Making the girls beautiful were award winning duo Honey and Violet and they did an amazing job of the hair and make-up.  Tami's look was so pretty and her hair was simple but stunning.

Their humanist ceremony was conducted by Mary Wallace, who we've worked with before and highly recommend.  The service was complete with handfasting, personal anecdotes about Tami and Craig; how they met and their little quirks which they love about each other.  It was a service full of laughter but also a few little tears.  It was easy to see that Tami and Craig really are made for each other and their love for each other just shone all day.

We followed the ceremony with group photos and then the bridal portrait session.  Our favourite part of the day is always when we get to spend a half hour alone with our bride and groom creating the portraits which they will look back on for years and hopefully display in an album or on their walls.  It was so great to photograph a new venue and incorporate some of our regular more traditional pictures along with some new ideas.

It was then onto the ballroom where Tami and Craig were having their wedding meal.  The room was just beautiful!  The attention to detail, the decor and the room dressing all came together to create a soft, pastel, calm environment for the speeches and dinner.  The flowers were provided by The Flower Room in Dollar and they were just stunning.  Tami says that as soon as she walked into their shop she knew they were the florist for them and we couldn't agree more.

After everyone was fed and the evening guests arrived, entertainment was provided by Craigendarloch who put on a very enthusiastic ceilidh!  We've also worked with them previously and had a good catch up with them.  Davie is great at getting all the guests up on the floor and talking everyone through the steps in his cheery way.

We have to thank the staff at Solsgirth for doing an amazing job on the day and making us feel so welcome, it was much appreciated and we are delighted to be back in a couple of weeks to photograph another wedding.

So, here are some of our favourite images from the day!

Tami and Craig are in New York now for the first part of their honeymoon and then they're off to Dubai for 12 days.  We can't wait to see them when they get back to show them all their photos and hear about their amazing honeymoon!

Thank you both for choosing us to document the day, we had an amazing time with you and your families and we'll remember it as an amazing first wedding at Solsgirth House!

Stacey and Bryan x 

The Three Kings, Falkirk // Kat & Geo

We kicked off our year of weddings with Kat and Geo at The Three Kings in Falkirk on 20 February.  It was a great start to the year and we really enjoyed our day with them, their family and friends.  It was lovely to see and catch up with one of our  bride and grooms from last year too; Lauren and Jonathon.

The day started off at the Westerwood Hotel where Kat and Geo and their bridal party were all getting ready.  Hair and make-up was well underway and everyone was very excited.  Kat and Geo's daughter Macy had the important job of flower girl and she was fantastic in front of the camera.

Their humanist service took place at The Three Kings in their ceremony room, conducted by Kirsty Geddes.  As you can see from the images it was full of laughter and big smiles all round.

The weather wasn't on our side on the day so we had to scrap our plans for Dollar Park and grab a quick ten minutes outside in the Three Kings gardens.  This was the quickest bridal portrait session we have ever done as we were very aware that rain was threatening but we love what we achieved in such a short time.  Kat and Geo had their guests well looked after as they had booked a casino to occupy them during the bridal session and groups photos.

The colour scheme for the day was black with pops of turquoise and cerise pink, it worked so well and the room looked fabulous with all the detail Kat had put so much effort into.

Here are some of our favourite images from the day.

Kat and Geo, thank you so much for having us involved in your big day!

Stacey and Bryan xx


Maryculter House Hotel // Blair and Jade

Last weekend we had a jam packed couple of days in Aberdeenshire.  We have family up that way and so it's great to mix some work with a family get together.  To be honest, this time though, we didn't really see much of them!  They're great babysitters though!!

We travelled up on the Saturday morning and got straight to work with 3 family shoots we had booked in for the afternoon.  One of them was the bride's family of our wedding on Sunday.  Jade and her siblings had bought their Mum a gift voucher for Mother's day and so they had a nice relaxed family shoot the day before the wedding.  Everyone was very relaxed and it was a lot of fun trying to coax their dog Reba into doing what we wanted for some great pictures.

Jade and Blair had booked us for full day coverage of their wedding on Sunday 18th October at the Maryculter House Hotel near Aberdeen.  We had never been to this venue before, but as always, it was lovely to work somewhere new and it challenges us to think on our feet rather than fall into the trap of doing the same thing when it's a venue we visit a lot.

Their wedding was beautiful, and although a bit chilly it stayed dry and allowed us to get some gorgeous outdoor shots of the groups under the wedding arch and then some lovely bridal portraits of just Jade and Blair.  Jade's brother Ryan was invaluable in working through the group list and rounding everyone up - thank you!!

Here are some of our favourite images to give you a snapshot of their day.

Jade and Blair, thank you so much for having us along on your special day, we hope we have captured it exactly how you remember it!

Venue: Maryculter House Hotel 

Hair : Jennifer Lipp 

Make Up : Steph M Artistry

Band : Velvet Five



3rd October was Fiona and Stuart's wedding day at Airth Castle, and it was such a fantastic day.  We were there all day to photograph from the morning through to their first dance and we had such a great time with them.

Fiona got ready at Airth Castle, and when we arrived she was very chilled out and relaxed, which is always a good sign! The bridesmaids were being made up and having hair done so after chatting for a bit we started on capturing the important details of Fiona's dress, perfume and bouquet.  The bouquet was gorgeous!  It was not your typical flower arrangement but a brooch bouquet which looked absolutely stunning, and boy it was heavy!!   Soon the flower girls arrived and gave us all some entertainment and laughs.

The ceremony room at Airth Castle is so bright and spacious, it's lovely for photographing in.  We always like bright, airy rooms.  It was a lovely registrar ceremony and afterwards we went outside for the family photos.  

Airth Castle has some lovely grounds for taking bridal portraits in, and for Fiona and Stuart's pictures we decided to use the back of the castle .  We had done a pre-wedding shoot with them so they knew exactly how we were going to photograph, and it allowed us to get them done quickly and easily.

There were some details at this wedding which we loved:  the amazing cake, the pictures of both sets of parents on their wedding days, and the pictures of Fiona and Stuart on each dinner table.  It's so nice to see personal touches at a wedding which really does make it unique.  

Fiona's Dad Jim is a hobbyist photographer so we managed to get a photograph with our bride and groom this time too.  Here are some of our favourite photos from the day.

Mr and Mrs Craig, we hope you are having an amazing time in Florida!

Stacey and Bryan x 

Stirling Registry and Colessio // Terry and Kay

We had the absolute pleasure of photographing Kay and Terry's very intimate wedding on 25th September.  The day started off at Stirling Registry Office and then round the corner to Hotel Colessio.  It was an amazing day with the sun splitting the sky and a very happy atmosphere.

We had met with Kay a few weeks before the wedding but didn't meet Terry until the day itself.  He turned up looking very dapper and was such a gentleman we instantly warmed to him.  There were just 20 guests of close family and friends which lent itself to a very relaxed and informal day.  The wedding service was lovely, heartwarming, emotional and funny as Kay got a bout of uncontrollable giggles! 

After confetti on the Registry Office steps we made our way round to Colessio for a few group shots and some lovely portraits of Terry and Kay themselves.

We had a really lovely time with Kay and Terry and we hope they love their images.

Forrester Park // Leanne and David

On 22 August, Leanne and David were married at the golf resort Forrester Park.  It was our first time at this venue and we loved it.  The inside is very grand, and the surrounding scenery is stunning.

Leanne got ready at her mum and dad's house while David was preparing for the big day at the venue.  Everyone was very relaxed.  There was no communication between our bride and groom on the morning but they did have fun mucking up each other's spotify playlists!  

It was a lovely day and we managed to get outside for some lovely bridal portraits and group photos.  David and Leanne had put out lawn games for their guests to enjoy and these provided lots of fun for everyone.  

A special mention  has to go to chief bridesmaid, Leanne's sister Michelle.  She was giving a speech but determined to do something different she wrote new lyrics and rapped to the theme tune of Fresh Prince of Belair! It was amazing! 

Here are some of our favourite photos from the day.

We had an amazing day with you both, and your friends and family were so welcoming.  We fell in love with Forrester Park as a wedding venue and would definitely look forward to another wedding there.

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Stacey and Bryan x 

Colessio, Stirling : Debbie and Richard

Debbie and Richard were married in Stirling at the Church of the Holy Rude and then went on to the Colessio to have their reception.  It was a beautiful day and everyone had a fantastic time.

We started off with Debbie in the bridal suite of the Colessio where she was preparing for her big day.  She was extremely relaxed and taking everything in her stride.  Stacey Leigh Spalding was there making up the girls and Victoria Giannelli was on hair.  Everyone looked stunning! 

This wedding was so beautiful and it was clear that Debbie had put a lot of thought and effort into their guests enjoyment of the day.

It was our first time at both these venues and we were taken away with how beautiful the church was.  It is so grand it would be difficult not to be impressed with it.  Likewise, the Colessio offers very grand and comfortable surroundings in which to enjoy your meal and party.

Simon and Crawford from Cinematique were working alongside us videoing the day.  Here are some of our favourites.