Callander Park pre-wedding photoshoot // Susan & Graeme

Susan and Graeme are getting married in September this year and decided to go for a pre-wedding shoot as a practice for the big day.  We really enjoy doing these shoots as they give us a chance to spend more time with our couple and they get to see how we work together and what we do to achieve our images.   We went to our usual spots within Callander Park first of all and then Susan and Graeme asked if we could take a photo at one of the benches they regularly sit at to admire the view.  On the way we found an amazing little spot which we absolutely fell in love with!  We're definitely heading back there for more photos.  On the way back to the car we mentioned that we had some smoke bombs with us, and it just happened that we had an orange one which is Graeme's favourite colour, so it was meant to be.  We love these images and are looking forward to working with Susan and Graeme on their wedding day!