Callander Park Engagement // Erica and Jo

Let's start this post by saying Erica and Jo are two of our very best friends and they're getting married!!  We're doing their wedding photos at the most amazing venue in April 2017 and we seriously can't wait!!  So these images are very special to us, and it was so important that we felt we did a good job for them.  Last night when we sent Erica and Jo their gallery and she told us she cried, we felt we must have done just that, which then made me  cry :)

They met while working together and became firm friends before any romance blossomed.  They finally did get together and have been inseparable since.  Both have gone on to better jobs which they love and they bought a house together. They, and everyone else, knew marriage was on the cards and so it was when Jo proposed in Barcelona in August.  When Erica got back and we met up for our usual Costa coffee date and she told me the most romantic proposal story while I had tears streaming down my face is something I won't ever forget, I'm a crier anyway - but in public!

They weren't going to do engagement photos but Jo is Belgian and is going to set up a website so his family can keep up with all the wedding details.  We're glad they did because we love these images.

Erica and Jo, we can't wait for your wedding!  If the whatsapp and Pinterest conversations are anything to go by it's going to be the most amazing day.  We can't wait to give you gorgeous images to remember it by, but most of all we can't wait to spend the day with two very special people.

Stacey and Bryan x