Callander Park : A family photoshoot : The Procek family.

You all know by now that we really love Callander Park for shooting in.  It has some really interesting little spots which you would walk past without noticing, but they look beautiful in photographs.  The colour tones are really pleasing to us too, so we always enjoy going there with families.  

Sunday was the first time we had met Kris, Karen and their handsome little guys Logan and Rory.  They are such a lovely family, so easy to get along with and really eager for their photos.  They were all so natural in front of the camera, completely at ease and not self-conscious at all - a dream to work with.  The boys were fantastic.  Logan is 6, a little chatterbox and very charming.  He can certainly pull a pose!  He was telling us all about school, his new teacher for next year and the fair trade project they've been working on.  Rory, age 4, is the sweetest little man!  He was born with a rare chromosome disorder. This causes him to suffer from global developmental delay as well as suffering speech and mobility delays. Karen told us the prognosis for him before birth was not a good outlook.  It was likely he wouldn't walk or talk.  Well, he has certainly mastered walking and communicating and definitely knows what he wants! He is an affectionate soul and the bond this family have really touched us.

Karen says "We specifically chose you guys for the relaxed atmosphere and outdoor shoot. It wasn't a false studio environment which Rory can struggle with. You allowed him the freedom to be himself which resulted in amazing pictures without him becoming upset or distressed." 

Here are some of our favourites. 


It is so important to get family photographs taken.  We love to work outdoors as the natural interactions you see just can't be recreated in a studio environment.  If you'd like to chat with us about a photoshoot pop us an email or send us a message on facebook!

Thank you for choosing us Karen and Kris.  We loved our time with you. And best of all we get to see these fantastic little ones again at Auntie Shelley and Uncle Gavin's wedding next year! 

Stacey and Bryan x