Grant and Maria : Loch Ard

It has been a LONG time since we blogged, business has been hectic!  But, this wedding was so beautiful that we wanted to take 5 minutes out and tell you all about it.

When we first met with Grant and Maria and they told us all about the plans for their wedding we were beyond excited.  Maria is Norwegian and when we heard that her family were coming over in their traditional dress and some of the customs which were going to be included, we knew there were going to be lots of photo opportunities! 

The wedding took place at Altskeith House on Loch Ard, an absolutely stunning location.  Maria started her day with her four bridesmaids getting ready with hair and make up.  Maria did all the make up herself, a brave choice for a bride, but she admitted that it helped to keep her calm on the morning.  When Mrs M arrived, the room was buzzing with activity.

Grant and Maria had given each other some gifts on the morning of the wedding.  And ladies, let me tell you to get the hankies ready for one of the most romantic gestures we've ever seen!

"The piece of paper that changed it all"

The above image shows the piece of paper Grant had frantically scribbled down the flight details on, which were bringing Maria back to the UK for them to meet up and find out if they had a future together back when they first started dating.  To keep this bit of paper, and give it to Maria on the morning of their wedding is one of the most beautiful, genuine, loving gifts I could ever imagine receiving.  Big brownie points to Grant!

Maria had also written Grant a letter for him to read on the morning of the wedding, and it was such a nice thought that they were reading each other's letters and getting ready only a few doors apart from one another.

It was an outdoor ceremony, and was just absolutely stunning with the beautiful surroundings and spectacular view across the loch.

A champagne and canapes reception followed and then we got on to the group shots.  The mixture between both cultures really made this wedding interesting and an absolute honour and joy to photograph.

As usual, at any wedding emotions run high and during the speeches was no exception.

However, there were plenty of giggles too!!

It is part of Norwegian custom at a wedding to have a sweets table, where caterers do not provide a dessert but guests bring along something to present to the table.  It looked amazing and this whole blog post could be about how beautiful and colourful the table looked!

After dinner, we went down to the beach for Grant and Maria's bridal portraits, and we hope you agree they are simply stunning! 

Then it was time for the first dance and we absolutely love the images captured here.

What we loved about the evening time was that everyone had such fun!  We ended up doing an impromptu group shot session too which was fantastic because everyone was so relaxed and those who wanted an individual picture with the bride and groom could queue up and get one.  Even us! 

Finally, we would just like to thank Grant and Maria for choosing Picturesque, by Mr and Mrs M to photograph your wedding.  It was a real honour, and one of the weddings we'll remember and talk about always.

Stacey and Bryan.